Mr. Chowdary is a first-generation entrepreneur who believes that nation-building is best contributed to by setting up new enterprises, creating jobs, sustainable businesses, bringing in the best of technologies from around the world for Indian needs and ensuring sustainable careers for thousands of capable people along with corporate social responsibilities. He is the person who has never shown any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, colour, religion, race and nation. All people from different walks of life, worked under his able and efficient guidance and directions. He always encourages various entrepreneurs and the young people desirous of being entrepreneurs This is Mr. Chowdary’s principle motivating factor for continually striving to empower people through job creation and technology integration.

Entrepreneurs strengthen market competition and increase productivity. It is a basis for innovation and growth. They enable access to goods and services that populations require in order to be productive.

Constant innovation is a crucial to nation-building as it has a positive impact on meeting socio-economic objectives. Innovative business practices create efficiency and conserve resources. For instance, we waste countless amount of money annually due to inefficiencies and uncompetitive practices in our healthcare system. Hopefully, new ideas and innovations in the future will address these problems, resulting in further reforms.

Mr Chowdary was drawn to public life because of the possibilities it offered to make a change. It was watching social unrest, social and economic disparity existent in the country and in Andhra Pradesh that prompted and inspired Mr. Chowdary to enter public life. He is a leader who leads his followers, inspires, encourages, motivates and guides them in different matters. He believes that if one wants to see the change one has to do something about it. Be the change that you want to see!

The politics of hatred, division and constantly creating barriers and unrest in society was not just a trigger for his move to join politics, it also offered opportunity to create an impact for the good through political office. He is a friend to all (either as entrepreneur or as a politician) and enemy to none.  He always used to advice and suggest to respond but not to react.

Motivated by striving for equality, social justice and caring for others, Mr Chowdary hopes more and more people are stimulated to enter public life with the right intention.