The Andhra of my Dream


The Andhra of my Dream

The Covid-19 pandemic, the bifurcation of the state and the deepening economic and social inequality has placed Andhra Pradesh under a lot of stress.

Political differences must be put aside, business competitions must lead to nation-building and the citizens must strive for social harmony. All forms of relational inequities – surfacing from differences of gender, caste/class based, among others, must be rejected!

All leaders and politicians, public servants, the business community and the citizens, rural to urban – must join hands and help steer the state towards growth and prosperity.

While modernisation and advancement in infrastructure development, integration of technology in every sphere and the eagerness of businesses to set shop in the state are crucial, enough may not have happened to transform Andhra Pradesh’s rural areas. Nation-building is dependent on that. A successful state or a society is one where the rural and urban areas are economically, socially, and environmentally inter-connected spaces.

Rural and urban areas cannot stand in isolation, without the mutual inter-dependence. It’s crucial for the governments, policy-makers, industries, relevant bodies and the people themselves to work for the preservation and safety of rural ecosystem services and building infrastructures to bring rural products to urban markets.

Very soon, our focus must shift towards ‘Smart Villages’. Empowering the underprivileged through education, healthcare and access to basic necessities and exposure will not only eradicate poverty and encourage inclusiveness, it will also make for a happy society.

Contributing towards achieving this aim, step by step and in my own small way, has been a very satisfying experience so far. I’m committed to carrying on with my work with the people with or without political office.

I strongly believe we may not be too far away from a time when growth and harmony both emerge as the pillars of a more inclusive and rightful society across the land.